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most of the time sellers, not buyers pay the commission in a Real Estate transaction?

Realtors can show you properties that ANY other Real Estate companies have listed for sale, not just those that they have listed?

many sellers that have their property For Sale By Owner would be willng to work with your Realtor to facilitate a sale for you?

it is extremely important to have a competent closing attorney or title company to handle your transaction?


How to Make Your Home Sell Faster

Putting your house on the market?  A good real estate agent isn’t all you need.  Staging your house can be the difference between its sitting or selling.  So what is “staging”?  Small tweaks with paint, furniture placement and accessories that make your house look as desirable as possible. 

Here are some simple tips to help you turn lookers into buyers:

Scrub till it Sparkles:

It sounds obvious, but experts say sellers often overlook this easy fix.  Vacuum behind couches and behind the bed.  Scrub out stains in the carpet and wash all of the windows inside and out.  Scour ceiling fans and polish doorknobs.  When things sparkle, houses sell.  Open windows to let in the fresh air.  And have a friend perform the white glove-and-sniff tests.  You  may be so used to your cat’s litter box that you don’t even notice its smell.

Clobber the Clutter:

Go room by room and purge.  The less stuff you have, the bigger the house will seem.  Get rid of anything personal:  Kid’s trophies, wedding pictures and college banners make buyers feel like intruders.  You want people to feel like they’re walking into a house that could be theirs.  If you truly can’t part with your Elvis Presley collectibles, rent a storage space and visit the dolls there.  Don’t shove them in a cabinet – buyers will open overstuffed closets and think the house lacks storage space.  Reserve the drawers for daily necessities like toothbrushes and glasses.

Pay Attention to Details:

Go through your entire to-do list, then do and redo.  That means patching any holes in the walls, fixing leaky faucets and replacing burned-out light bulbs.  Buy fresh towels and put all the toilet lids down.  Hide wastebaskets.  Play soft music throughout the house.  Alphabetize your spice jars and line up all the shoes in your closet.  Play up the zones in your garage:  Designate one area for sporting goods, one for lawn care, one for seasonal decorations, etc.  Organization helps sell a home. 

Inexpensive Extras:

Six props every house seller should have on hand: a bowl of lemons, fresh flowers, spotlights, candles, throw blankets, and pillows.  These items are things that invite people and make them feel at home.

Preparing Your Home to Market


Have a pleasant assortment of plants and blooming flowers throughout the house.
Make sure all light fixtures have bright, working bulbs.
Wash all windows, inside and out, clean window sills and make sure windows open easily.
Clean all switch plates and wall areas around them.  They tend to collect grime.
Make sure doorbells work.
Attractive paint or wallpaper on all walls; paint over any stain marks on ceilings or walls.
Have all wood or vinyl floors clean.
Have working lights in all closets.
Have mailbox in good repair.
Oil any squeaky hinges.
Make sure carpets are clean.  Have carpet areas stretched and curling edges tacked down.
Fill any gouges in woodwork with matching putty, and nail holes in wall with matching paint.
Have furniture arranged to maximize a look of spaciousness in every room.
Clean stove of grime on the surface and under burner elements, and make sure oven is clean.
Have the kitchen sink empty and clean.
All cupboards should be carefully arranged to suggest ample space.
Bathroom sinks, toilets, and tubs should be immaculate.
Bathroom tile should be free of grime, loose grout and mildew.
Hang fresh towels in bathroom and kitchen and make sure shower curtain is clean.
Eliminate any dripping faucets.
Have all bathroom and kitchen counters free of clutter & clean out medicine chests.
All beds should be neatly made.
Garage should be neat and free of oil stains; garage door should operate smoothly.
Remove all possible appliances and clutter from cabinets.


Storm windows.
Foundation cracks.
Foundation vents – make sure all are intact and clean.
Masonry chimneys – re-mortar loose bricks.
Roof – remove debris, nail down loose shingles.
Gutters – repair holes and any separations from eaves.
Downspouts – paint over rust spots or streaks. Make sure they are connected at top and bottom.
Windows – check for loose caulk and chipped paint, broken or cracked panes.
Porches – seal cracks and remove any standing water if concrete.  If wood, secure loose railings and stain or paint as necessary.
Insects – look for telltale bore holes and droppings in all wooded areas of the house as well as underneath.
Make sure all outdoor lighting works.
Trim overgrown shrubs and have all landscaping in top condition.

Plant blooming flowers in flower beds if season permits.